6 Places To Get Cheap Clothes In Dubai In 2021

6 Places To Get Cheap Clothes In Dubai In 2021

Everyone likes shopping and in Dubai, there is an abundance of places where you can shop. Though Dubai is filled with expensive things like cars, apartments, luxury villas for sale in Dubai, but still, you can find many places where you can get a good deal at a reasonable rate. In this guide, we have gathered around six places where you can buy cheap clothes in Dubai in 2021.


The Outlet Village

You will find fantastic offers on branded goods in this market. All the big brands including Galerie Lafayette, Carolina Herrera, DKNY, Coach, Michael Kors, Roberto Cavalli, Hugo Boss, Rodeo Drive, Nike and several others are found here in this Italian style shopping centre of Dubai. About any day of the year, there are major discounts on handbags and branded bags. They mostly range between 30-50%. You can get the dresses of last season at very discounted prices and maybe discounted sneakers are on the display too. This is an ideal spot for the people who are looking to get branded things at a discounted price so that their budget does not face any significant damage.

Dubai Outlet Mall

This mall is an ideal spot if you are looking for some stylish clothes. Major brands drop their previous season stock at this mall so the prices here are extremely low. There’s also a very nice range of home furniture. If you are fascinated with brands, this is a place where people come in and buy branded clothing and boots at very discounted prices. A wide variety of household goods are also available at discounted prices.


This store was created by Sian Rowlands and she reopened it to let individuals buy and wear second-hand clothing rather than buying new branded outfits that require a huge sum of your budget. The founder urges consumers to avoid using the quickly shifting fashion and to purchase durable and well-made items that go hand in hand with the changing society. This is a way to make the world get greener by actually modifying our fashion ideas. In her 3000 square foot boutique in al Barsha, Dubai, she designed second-hand clothes from high street apparel and designer clothing.

Brands for Less and Tchibo

These outlets are revamped every now and then with decent prices for the latest clothing styles. Tchibo is a German brand of high quality, low-priced clothes. Tchibo is perfect for binge clothing if you need to revamp your wardrobe. Brands for Less is a brand for men and women for the clothing range. Are you looking for value for money in Dubai? These are the places where you can buy fantastic stuff at cheap prices.


Luxury products can’t always be afforded by everyone. The key motive of Garderobe is to make it available to the general people. Like Retold, Garderobe sells premium reused goods from big brands at a price of from AED 500 to 40,000 which appeals to many consumers who are familiar with the place or its website. The items are also available on the website and can be purchased. As Dubai’s elite class continues upgrading and renovating their wardrobes from time to time, their range of clothing is never short of new styles

Dragon Mart

Here you can find the cheapest items, whether they’re clothing, boots or accessories. Everything is made and shipped from China in this giant mall. Before buying the goods, we greatly recommend checking the quality. It’s a big mall where products are offered at discounted prices. The Mart has a wide range of brands such as H&M and Mata. Dragon Mart is the pinnacle for cheap shopping in Dubai particularly when everything can be available in one big mall!

This is all from our side. These are the top spots where you can buy cheap clothes that will not take a toll on your budget. Apart from these places, there are various other places too where you can shop at really reasonable prices. Though, we highly recommend you to check the quality of the product before buying because in most cases you will not get refunded or the product will not be changed under any circumstances. Opt for outlets near city walk apartments for saleto get a good deal for yourself.